Back to School


*This was our New Year’s Eve dinner, while daddy worked. Dining room, real china, a wonderful way to end the year!

One thing that always makes the first week back go a little easier, is to have breakfast premade! It is unusually cold in Georgia right now, and it’s still pitch black dark outside when my daughter has to walk to the bus stop. Last night I stayed up, making brie/croissant/raspberry jam filled rolls. I don’t use a recipe- I just winged it. They were a hit today!

This year, we have one in Classical Conversations Foundations and Essentials, one in public school second grade, one in kindergarten, one in pre-K, and one in Mother’s Morning Out at a Methodist Church Preschool nearby. The littlest is 1.5, and she’s home with me and her oldest brother. This year, the school situation is all over the place, because of my health issues. I wasn’t well enough or strong enough to handle much. I still really wanted to homeschool, but wasn’t sure how we were going to make it work. My parents moved up here so that they could help take care of me, and the kids. My mom takes my son to CC, my husband, in addition to his full time job as a doctor, also takes care of all of the math instruction, and I do religion, science, reading/book reports, and CC review. He takes an online self-paced history class from Veritas that we really like!

When I was little, going back in January was always the hardest- not after summer. I definitely got the winter blues. I love having the kids around over break, all of the noise, the mess, the laughter- it’s music to my ears. They weren’t apprehensive at all about school; my oldest got right back to work where we left off on his own, my daughter jumped out of bed bright and early, and the three boys marched out the door, clutching their backpacks and full of joy for seeing their teachers and their school buddies.

I admit, I was really tired today after having everyone home, and trying to be more active, and present for them.  Blessing to have them home, and blessing that we have great schools that fit our needs for now! Today, was a quiet, recovery day for me!


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Debbie

    Hello Amy,
    Please read the comment I left for you under the section of your blog where you titled it about babies and rain. My name is Debbie. I have been suffering for 17 years with Pudendal neuralgia and was recently diagnosed by my friend and your Dr. Barry Jarnagin with interstitial cystitis. I too had the amniotic graph injections on December 11, 2017. I was wondering if you had more than one set of injections. I sound a lot like you. Only I have scar tissue around my nerve and I was cut for a very unnecessary surgery 4 years ago when I was misdiagnosed having a vulva vestibulectomy. Dr. Jarnagin removed scar tissue from me and gave me the Botox injections as well. I only wish that I can say the same that I was doing well as you are and coming off my pain medication. I am on fentanyl and others also. I don’t leave my home and feel like a prisoner in it. The pain is unbearable still and today January 30 I’m going for a Pudendal nerve block. At first I really thought this worked but I still have the intense burning vaginally and rectally and the pain in my coccyx bone and sits bone region. I can’t comprehend how it works for some and not others. My friend also got it done and it seems she is at a stand still also. Please get back to me. Feeling a bit hopeless again. Debbie


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