For Coffee Lovers- PSA!


I love coffee. Always have, even when I was a kid! I love the smell- I remember walking through the mall when I was growing up and I could smell the one coffee shop from the other side of the building. I have had to change my life, and give up a lot of things in the past couple of years. One clinician told me that coffee was going to make my symptoms worse. Now, I know that her advice was wrong and not helpful (and I should have listened to my husband!). However, at the time the thought that something that I was doing could be causing more harm, made me follow her advice unquestioningly.

I had never heard of interstitial cystitis before. I underwent two cycstoscopies under anesthesia, had biopsies done, and I lacked some of the most common, basic symptoms. All of the tests were negative and it was completely ruled out. However, one person who treated me, latched on to the idea that anything acidic might make me feel worse. Tell a person in pain that they are making it worse… and they just might believe anything! I gave up my favorite beverage for no reason. Interstitial cystitis is very painful, and it has no cure. It affects the bladder of the patient.  I learned about the condition and the people who live with it- I met one very brave woman, with the biggest heart ever who cared for me, and my children a great deal. Hats off, and mad respect for the brave people who endure this affliction every day!

I might be the last person to know about this, but a sweet friend was doing a house call for me and cutting my hair one day.  I mentioned how much I missed coffee, and she told me about Puroast. Does everyone else know about this? It is real coffee, but without the acid. I couldn’t drive to the store and I was dying to try it, so I ordered it from Amazon. You can also find it in regular grocery stores:) This was a game changer! Sweet James has perfected a cold brew in a French press- so I leave the coffee to him. I eased back in to drinking a half cup a day, with no side effects. It is a bit of normalcy that I have missed SO much!

If you can’t drink regular coffee, but you love it, try this stuff. This post is just a “public service announcement”! I might be the last person to know about this stuff, but just in case- hope this helps one person! I can have a bit of “normal” in my day again, every day.


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