Pull it together Amy!

This week, I’ve been recovering from a small procedure I had on Monday. Overall, I’m just plain tired. It’s been hard to sleep and we were out of town, so didn’t sleep as well as I do in my own bed. I think I wore pajamas every day, laid on ice, heat… it’s been a blur!  Each day is better, but I’m still working on catching up on sleep.

I got an invitation to our homeschool moms’ get together this weekend. My oldest child attends Classical Conversations. It was kind of them to include me, because I actually don’t even go to the group. My mom takes Aidan for me and I rest on those days. I haven’t done anything social with friends in- hmm…almost two years I think? Since before Lana was born and she’s almost 21 months old.  The mom who invited me lives in my neighborhood, walking distance for the kids. I knew they wouldn’t mind if I laid on the couch- these are true friends who just enjoy my company!

I decided to surprise everyone, even myself, and say “yes!” I wanted to pull it together, and put my best foot forward. Every time my kids see me dressed nicely, they ask if I have a doctor’s appointment:) Gosh, it’s time for me to pull it together more often! I learned to contour like the pros from a friend, and James got me this fun make-up for Christmas from Maskcara Beauty. Drumroll… Here’s the before and after shots!




I am getting a lot of use out of my Christmas present! I wore white peach, walnut/olive, black cherry, rose gold, and London and amethyst on my eyes.  I got the chance to wear my favorite Shelly Brown earrings and stacked bracelets as well. Thanks to James’s Christmas present and Shelly’s sense of style, I pulled it together for a couple of hours! Huge step forward for me.











13 thoughts on “Pull it together Amy!

  1. Tracey

    Amy you are an inspiration! I just read the article about your “experience “ on Daily Mail and sent it to my niece who has CRPS(RSD). You and she have a lot in common when it comes to pain. She has had it now for 12 years and the Paleo diet has been very helpful. The only real Pharma product that has made a dent in her pain has been Low Dose Naltrexone . Have you used it?


  2. Natalia

    I am a victim of pudendal neuralgia. It has been an emotional 29 months . I lost myself been learning to live with my new norm . There is days I mourn my old self . I love her she was full of life . I was raising a 25 month old toddler going through this . It’s beeb hard on my kids . The pain with sitting is the worst . I’ve tried Botox injection pudendal blocks and nothing seems to work anymore .


    1. Tracey

      Natalia- I feel for you😞. Have you tried Ketamine (there is a clinic that takes insurance in Atlanta) or Low Dose Naltrexone? God bless you!


      1. Natalie

        I’ve tried Valium ,ketamine,baclofen suppositories . I see my pelvic specialist on Feb14 we’ve done a lot of procedures. Dr hibner does pne decompressions . I am in a better place mentally. I put on makeup I do my hair I try for my babies . I can drive around corner I can cook and wash dishes on good days . Right now I’m in bed with a fort of pillows on one side my pelvis my right Vulcan my rectum my gluteus hurt are on fire .


      2. Tracey

        Wow….. well, my niece goes every 90 days for Ketamine but the most helpful thing she has used is the Low Dose Naltrexone. Good luck at the specialist!


      3. Roslyn Bourgeois

        I read about it on drugs.com. It appears that it is mainly used to help people with withdraw from addictive substances. Also says it can take months to notice a positive difference if used for pain.

        Naturally I was immediately interested because I wondered if it help me with my pain rather than taking a narcotic.




      4. Tracey Holekamp

        Exactly what it did for her. In 3 weeks. It’s frequently used for autoimmune conditions

        Sent from my iPhone



  3. Natalie

    Tracey it definitely has gotten worse where this pain is pretty unbearable. Dr hibner who is my specialist does ketamine infusion so I don’t know if that’s next . This pain can break the strongest of them all . Today has definitely broken me . But I pray this shall too pass . I will ask ask about the low dose naltrexone . Does she have joint aches ? the last couple of months it’s worse . I could definitely hide under a rock today .


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