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Ok, it’s ironic that I’m writing on this topic at all, because it’s so new to me! I almost feel a little hypocritical recommending it to others, when it wasn’t even part of my vocabulary for so long. I was in survival mode. Truth is, intense pain makes you selfish. I would explain to my husband- I felt like an animal, retreating into myself, just thinking about surviving. Basic needs- food, water, breathing in and out. I couldn’t even think about anyone else, which is so contrary to my nature, because I was concentrating on making it through life, one hour at a time. When I was able to catch my breath, I realized I had worn pajamas every day for ages. I was housebound, so no reason not to! When I got dressed, my kids would ask “do you have a doctor’s appointment?”

I wrote earlier that I got some make-up for Christmas, because my friend wears it and she looked so cool in her how-to videos! By Christmas evening, I had emailed the company to see if I could sell it, because it was so fun. It was new- feeling pretty and just putting myself together, even if I was staying home:)

The company’s message just happens to fit into my own personal view of self-care. It’s not geared towards glamazons, although, if you’ve seen some of the youtube videos, you are aware that there are some serious Artists, (with a capital “A” out there!!!). Every person is unique, special, and has the right to feel good about themselves. Often, it helps to put a little color on your face. Not always, make-up isn’t required for self-esteem by any means! However, I love some color and to bring out my best features. People have very different ideas of beauty, and what makes them feel good. Sometimes, it’s a hot bath, a chat with a certain friend, new shoes, or just smiling!!!

Maskcara beauty has put together fun collections to celebrate “Galentine’s” Day. If you are single or taken, it’s always a great time to be thankful for the gal pals in your life, who make you smile. Here are some pictures of the collections. Fun, beautiful colors, and  way to save money if you want to treat yourself or a friend who needs their day brightened!



Valentine’s Day




I will post “before and after” pics of myself. I know everyone can get a kick out of those:) Haha- keep those jeers to yourself:) Even after coffee, it’s still not pretty!


7 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. Andrea Doering

    Hi Amy,
    I live in a country town I Australia, I got PN after pelvic prolapse Surgery in Feb last year. Your Symptoms are exactly like mine .
    I am heading to France on Sunday to see Dr Eric Bautrant for Surgery.
    How is your Bladder function now?
    What are your pain levels most days?
    God Bless you and your family
    Andrea Doering


  2. Good luck with Dr. Bautrant! I have good and bad days still. I think I always will, but I am better than I used to be. I’ve changed my perspective, so a “good” day looks a lot different now than it used to! Hope that explanation helps some. Please stop by again! Take care and safe travels.


  3. Debbie

    Hello Amy,
    I have had PN for 17 years now and was just recently diagnosed by our friend Dr. Barry Jarnagin himself. I too got the amniotic graph injections and Botox by Dr. Jarnagin. He also removed scar tissue for me from a botched vulva vestibulectomy. Please read the comments I left for you in your blog and at the end of your January post. It’s important and I need your help. God bless you. I’ve been to hell and back like you and I’m kinda still there. Thank you Debbie


  4. Debbie

    Hello Amy,
    It’s Debbie again. That’s supposed to say that just recently Dr. Jarnagin diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis. I have had Pudendal neuralgia for 17 years and didn’t know it until four years ago when I got the correct diagnosis finally. Sorry and god bless you. Deb


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