Family Time

If you need to laugh, take a look. We have six kids, who range in age from 10, down to 22 months. I used to limit screen time very diligently. However, after my surgery in August 2016 changed my life, I wanted to come up with ways that I could spend time with the kids. I didn’t have a lot of energy (ok, none), and I couldn’t sit, stand, or drive. That doesn’t leave a lot of options. I eased up on screen time, in this case, tv time. In the evenings, almost every evening, we would have “movie night.” Y’all, it never gets old! haha. I have my spot on our large sectional couch, and they usually argue over who gets to sit next to me. We have to rotate and each one gets a turn. Of course the youngest would just run around and play with her toys, but she has started to curl up into my arm, and lie beside me to “watch” what we are watching.


Our latest family activity is charades. We are obsessed with it now! I got a game that is easy for children to play. It has three scenarios on each card. One of them, is just a picture, so a child who can’t read can also participate. The child picks one of the words or phrases and acts it out. We have gotten SO many laughs out of this. If you are looking for a way to spend time together as a family, please- try this! Pop some popcorn, everyone come together, and get ready to laugh.

Eli the Wildman gets up there, and he acts out an animal- usually a snake, EVERY time it’s his turn. Nick has a deadpan facial expression, and moves just his arms up and down, EVERY time. Once, Matthew was miming, flailing his arms, making all sorts of signs, and then he finally said, “actually, I couldn’t read the word on the card!” We had been trying to guess for 10 minutes! Rose is outstanding and looks like she learned improv skills at Juilliard. Aidan likes to be challenged, and he won’t start until I am watching- it’s like no one else can possibly guess, he’s got to have Mama paying attention.

Lana, the 22 month old, gets up on the ledge of the fireplace and “jumps” the six or so inches to the floor, and then we all cheer. She also does somersaults when it’s her turn. We have a very talented family, what can I say?


Wait for it, 3rd video, 24 seconds in. Matthew’s guess… he got his skills from me! The kids lost it after that, and couldn’t regain any composure. Little guy was legitimately guessing, not trying to be crass. I admit, I couldn’t stop laughing either.

2 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Thank you for bravely and beautifully sharing your story. I had pudendal nerve entrapment from hysterectomy and bladder and bowel reconstruction. I also had pn decompression surgery three years ago. I think I’m the only woman ever fully cured. Reach out to me if you want. I still don’t know why I was spared the beddridden life if pain.


    1. Amazing!!!!! I am SO happy for you. Suffering is a strange thing- where it happens, to whom. There really isn’t a way to explain it. Thank you for sharing your success!


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