My husband asked what I wanted for Christmas, and I couldn’t think of a single thing. My life isn’t glamorous these days, and I haven’t been able to get out much. Most of my days are spent wearing loungewear:) I have a friend from college who had posted a few videos about a new makeup she was wearing, and decided to sell. Buying new make up seemed like such a luxury, not a necessity, that I felt bad buying it for myself. Well, Christmas was another story! I was intrigued by the videos. It looked like magic, and something way more complicated than I was used to.

color match 2

I really paid attention, and watched her apply the makeup, and I realized it was very simple, and streamlined- not what I had thought at all. The whole company was started by a mom blogger, who saw beauty in every face and wanted to create something that helped people see their natural beauty, and enhance it, not cover it up.

I opened my Christmas gift, and began to “play” with it from day 1! My kids all had to have a bit as well- I didn’t get any pictures of the boys with glowing skin tones, but believe me, they looked fab:) Putting on a “full face” every day really isn’t my thing, but I don’t want to look sickly, tired, and rough either! I wanted a happy medium, and this fit the bill. I loved it so much, I emailed the company and asked if I could become an artist, and sell it!  I love VALUE, feeling like I’m not getting charged a ridiculous price for a brand or packaging. This stuff is a deal- it is a luxury item, that fits in a normal person’s budget:)

I took the plunge! Y’all, this is so much fun. It’s easy, pretty much foolproof, great for people who don’t have a lot of time, and affordable. Here’s a before and after pic of me on Christmas, in pajamas, no make up, and then with Maskcara.


Here are some pictures of the products. I am wearing Desert Sun blush in the picture about- it is not orangey at all! More like a pretty peachy-pink.



Now for the pretty eyeshadows! These have a lot of pigment, so a teeny bit goes a LONG way. They will last you a long time. I studied abroad in college, in Paris, and I bought myself some Chanel eyeshadow. That was 15 years ago! I still have it, and wear in on special occasions. Chanel is pricey, but it has a lot of pigment so it lasts. Maskcara eyeshadow is better- I’ve never seen anything last this long or have this much color in it. It beats Chanel!

eye 2

eye 1

This is what the pretty compacts look like- there are a few different variations.