Part of my toolbox


During times of great suffering, it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. Uncertain. Doubting yourself, your beliefs- everything around you starts to look different. It’s like Alice in Wonderland, stepping through the looking glass. Life looks completely different. What is your due north? If you had a compass, where would it point? I believe in God, and I turned to prayer and the Bible. I would read some passages over and over, and in my haze of pain and grief at what I had lost, I couldn’t make sense of the words. Try as I might, it was as if it was written in a different language. I didn’t understand verses and promises that I knew by heart!

One day, a year ago, my aunt and uncle visited from Savannah. My Aunt Nancy brought me a book, that she said her mother and grandmother had had as well. She said that she had been praying for me, and that afternoon, we formed a circle and all prayed together. I was housebound for a long time, so having visitors meant the world to me. People who loved me, even in my pajamas, looking like I’d been hit by a bus!

After they left, I started reading. It is a daily devotional unlike anything I had ever seen before. It is called Streams in the Desert, and it was written in the 1920s by L.B. Cowman, who was a missionary. Her husband became very ill, and they had to return to the United States from their job abroad. She watched him suffer through his illness, and pass away. She wrote from a position of great personal pain and loss, but discovered a fountain that sustained her, and she shared it with the world. It became one of the best selling devotionals of all time.

This book became part of my toolbox, that spoke to my heart and soul. It is particularly useful for people who are experiencing life in the trenches- difficulties, loss, grief, and mourning. I love it and still read it. Please give Streams in the Desert a look!